Google Glass…Cracking up Ideas!! Breaking into Possibilities!!!


glass2Here is what I wrote when I was wishing and hoping to get Google Glass. I wanted it.. dreamed about it.
Fretted about it. Wrote about it.


So what is Google Glass and how can I tell you about it if I don’t have it? 

Oh I have lots of reference points, I have been following the use of Google Glass since it was announced. One use that immediately got my attention was in a STEM related trip to CERN. ( I have been there, and the Google related lesson were accurate.

This really got my attention because I have wanted to go back to CERN to learn what it looks like now, vs. the time frame in which I saw it.

Here is the link.<a href="“>

Then, I got a break. I was able to purchase Google Glass. It came just before the Christmas Holiday. I did not tell anyone. I was so excited. I also got the shades. Being a fashionista, I wanted the dark glasses. Sunglasses are a part of my visual signature.
I don’t always wear sunglasses but I thought the GLASS looked really hot with the shades. Now I have them.

I am going to play around with Google Glass.
These are other people’s ideas.

Since I am on vacation I will probably make a map of touring Jamaica.. and of the resort I am in. I can cruise the beach and take pictures without being observed.

But I have to study first. child Head Ideas are popping.

Merry Christmas!!!! Thank you Santa…

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